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Black and white logo
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You can enhance your corporate identity system by getting your logo in black and white.

The b&w version is used:

When you have budgetary restrictions.

When the media supports only one color

When there is no need to print full color documents

When a design has a gradient or 2+ color overlap, it may result in low quality printing (i.e. blurred photocopy). As 4-color process printing is expensive, a black and white copy of your logo will allow you to show a professional image and keep your printing costs low. On other occasions, the reproduction technique can't handle multiple colors (i.e. casting)

Usage examples:

Yellow pages ads

Fax / Photocopies

Budget printing (1 ink printing / offset printing / Laser printing)



Full color logo
Black and white logo

This service is provided as upgrade of our logo design packages.


A grayscale logo copy appears to be black, white, and shades of gray, but it only uses a single color ink. It's particularly useful for office printing and for copyright and trademark registration, as the copyright office only accepts grayscale versions

Full color logo
Grayscale logo

This service is provided as upgrade of our logo design packages.


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