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A Tagline or slogan, is a statement that succinctly defines or represents an organization's mission.

The development of image/brand markets has led to taglines as short, dramatic series of words or sentences that summarize a brand or product's emotional and functional benefits to the marketplace.

A tagline must emphasize something essential about your business. From beliefs to products' particular features, a tagline should explain why a firm is unique, or at least, states its main message or competitive advantage

Taglines have been part of the business' branding message since the beginning of the Marketing. Successful taglines tend to respect these rules:

  • Short and simple (4-5 words)
  • Positive statement.
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • It includes a key benefit
  • It's original
  • It's not in use by others

Types of taglines

Descriptive - They describe what a business does
Emotional - They express a feeling about your business

Some good examples:

Brillo Scrub 'n' Toss: Work 'em hard. Work 'em long. Let 'em go.

Burger King: The fire's ready.

Citi: Live richly.

Dell Computer: Easy as Dell.

Folgers: It's uncanny.

Jaguar: Unleash a Jaguar.

Miller Lite: Good call.

Oregon: Oregon is for dreamers.

Staples: That was easy.

Talk America: The phone company. Improved.

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