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We want to share with you some tutorials about different matters related to our logo design services. If you've just ordered any of our services, you'll be able to get the most of them by reading these articles.


All our services start with the delivery of a questionnaire to be filled in by the customer. The articles below will provide you with useful information about the subjects covered by our creative briefing.

Tips to fill out a graphic design brief successfully

These are some general tips to take into account. They'll allow you to provide the logo designer with thorough answers.

If you want to incorporate a tagline in your logo, you need to know what taglines are exactly and what makes them recognizable.

Colors and inks
On some occasions, controversy arises, as some screen colors don't look the same when they're printed. Do you want to know why, and how to suggest colors?

RGB color model / Palette
If you have already read our prior article, you're aware of 'RGB' colors. Here you'll find an RGB table with their RGB codes. They'll allow you to suggest shades quickly.

Tips to find the right typestyle to portrait the image you're after.

Graphic design glossary
Alphabetical list of terms related to graphic design, that will help you call each thing by its name.


Which draft should I choose?
Our logo design services deliver between 5 and 8 basic concepts. You need to choose only one to be further developed. These tips help you make your decision.

How to provide the graphic designer with thorough suggestions

Each rendition require your feedback. See here some clues to lead the designer to the right direction.

Low quality feedback
Here are some examples of suggestions that give designers misleading clues.


Fortmats for web use and print use
Know why you need the same design in different formats.

Learn why the preflighting process must be carried out each time you have a marketing piece printed.

Types of art and graphic formats
Basic information about how to manipulate your logo.

Stationery design and bleeding
Learn why the printing method must be considered by the designer.


Back to basics. Theory of logo design

Design as semiosis

Logo design workshop


Website's efficiency
Some tips about how to make your site more profitable.

Website domain ownership's advantages
Should you have your own domain name?

Most common web fonts
See the fonts commonly used for web.

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