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1. Be ready to invest as much time in your answers as the questionnaire may require.

2. Do not leave questions in blank. Each of them has been included because they allow the designer to understand you needs and preferences. No matter how redundant something may appear to be, it is certainly important for the designer

3. Do not take anything for granted. Something that may be well known by you and the people who are related to your business, customer and market could not be known by the designer

4. Lack of details leads to generic designs: Colors, font styles, shapes and effects are important clues for the designer. Give your suggestions even If you are not sure about some subject, because there is no better way to know if something works or not for you than including it on a drafts. If the designer doesn't find any clue, he is forced to draw generic designs as he has no particular knowledge about your preferences.

5. Designing is a process, not an event. Do not expect to receive your final logo at once. From initial drafts to the final logo, there is a fine-tuning process, getting the draft closer to your expectations. Great initial drafts have been ruined by further revisions, and modest initial drafts turned out to be great final logos. The quality of the information provided to the designer thrives the quality of the logo design.

6. Knowing the logos that you like: we need to be guided to know your tastes, not to copy somebody else's logotype. Many people believe that saying something like "I love Nike's logo" will be used to copy the nike's logo. Just the opposite. This prevent us from using the same resource and will help us understand how your written requirement matches your graphic preferences. Not all the people call "sophisticated" to the same thing. What may be considered "trendy" for us may not be for you.

7. Be clear: Please be sure your comments and suggestions are clear. Explain why things like you and why not, and give clues about how to refine the design. If you like very much a draft, you can still get a logo closer to your expectations by guiding the designer to refine it.

8. It isn't over until it's over. If you provide accurate feedback during the design process, there are very high possibilities that you get a design that fully satisfies you. When the design process is over, choose the draft that better meets your needs and "adopt" it.

9. Test the drafts: Do not only choose one design because you like it. Ask your customers, friends, workmates their opinions on it. When you need a Caterpillar, use a Caterpillar, not a Porsche.

10. Broaden your scope: Your business identity is not exclusively defined by your logo. Identity is the result of a "communication system", which is "read" by your public. So, it is so important to have a nice logo as to have professional marketing collateral and stationery, among other things.



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