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Who are you?

We are a team composed of experienced graphic designers and marketing experts specialized in corporate identity, branding and communication.

How much do your logos cost?

We offer 2 logo design packages starting at $145. An additional package including the most common design needs (letterhead, business cards, envelope) is also available. In the event you have special requirements, let us know and will make a quotation for you.

Why are you $150/average cheaper than your competitors?

Very good question. We can say that we're a profitable firm. Nevertheless they seem to need more money than us. Some clues:

- if you surf the net, you'll find them offering $20-$30 per referred customer.
- If you review their sites, you'll see big phone numbers (just) to take orders
as well as other indicators of big marketing efforts

We're proud of the quality of our designs and are happy with our prices. We expect customers to make their purchase decision based on the exposed design quality, rather than on a telemarketing speech.

How many logo samples will you make?

Depending on the logo design package you order, we deliver either 5 or 8 logo concepts; if you consider that more business concepts are required, we can provide you with additional logo concepts after you accept an extra cost fee.

Is it possible to have a logo designed only through the web?

Of course! Our services over the web are based on state of the art design processes. They involve in-deep briefing, two way communication and strong feedback capabilities. As a result, our designs positively meet the needs of our customers in terms of design quality, target audience compatibility and delivery time.

Do you serve customers outside USA?

Yes. We are pleased to have international customers. There should be no problems at all, no matter where you are. That is the sole purpose of having our business online.

We have also developed a Spanish version of this site to serve Spanish and Latin American customers.

How do I order and pay for my logo design?

We have streamlined the entire ordering and payment process. To order your design, simply fill out our online submission form. You will then be directed to a payment option page where we accept:

- Fax orders
- On line payment

An email will be sent to you, as soon as your order is received. We will contact you, to acknowledge that your payment has been received.

How long does the design process take?

If you order our Starter Package, you will have 5 basic concepts sent by Email 2 days after you complete our on-line briefing. Then you will have 5 revisions emailed 1-2 day(s) after you send us the required feedback and the final 5 revisions 1 day after receiving your final suggestions.

If you order our business logo design package, you will have 8 basic concepts sent by Email 2 days after you complete our on-line briefing. Then you will have 5 revisions emailed 1-2 day(s) after you send us the required feedback (this process is repeated twice again) and the final 5 revisions 1-2 day(s) after receiving your final suggestions.

What other design services can you provide me with?

Ars Logo Design can also provide you with:

- Business Card design
- Letterhead design
- Envelope design
- Website design

I would like to have a logo designed based on my own drawings and ideas. Could it be possible?

The first stage of the logo design process is to get all the information you can provide us with.

Our briefing stage is based on a creative briefing, to know about your ideas and needs, as well as you market's features and target.

If you have drawings you want to share with us, you can send them to us by fax or by Email. We strongly encourage our customer to send us their own drawings and think it is one of the best ways to understand their ideas, tastes and needs.

On some occasions, customers send us URLs of websites where their design ideas have already been applied.

What if I don't like my logo?

At any time before requesting your first round of revisions, you can request to have all work stopped and your money refunded (less a $75 service fee).

After sending our first round of revisions we offer no refunds.

Can you restyle my existing logo?

Yes, please provide us with the latest version of your logo, and we'll soon develop basic concepts based on your existing logo.

What is the difference between a print logo and a web logo?

Print logos require a much higher resolution and need to be saved in certain standard print formats. Some of the most common and universal print formats for print jobs are TIFF, EPS, and Adobe Acrobat PDF.

By creating a logo in these file formats, the logo can be opened up and printed even without having the original software application the logo was created in.

Web logos require a much smaller resolution (since they only need to be displayed on screen). That's why they are not a good choice for printing, as the quality will appear very blurred or jagged on paper.

Do you do illustrations?

Our packages and prices do not include illustration designs. Please contact us to get our quote.

How many designers will work on my logo?

We usually put between 2 and 4 designers on each project. It means that you'll be given real options due to the diversity of their styles.

Who owns the copyright of the logo?

You own the final design and are free to register the logo at the register office.


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