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Below are listed some responses we've received from customers in regards to their logo concepts. All of them have in common:

· Specific suggestions
· Simplicity
· Organized ideas


1: #1
2: Keep the font for LE IUS and lets work on the X
3: Like all colors
4: Keep the font
5: I don't want the X to look like an H. Lets try to keep it looking more
like an X and lets see what we can come up with but must keep a cross X
kind of X. If we can work on this idea would be great. My old logo has this
to it but I do not like the ends of the X on my old logo.


1) I appreciated the idea and I personally like #4
very much. However, please, try to fix the concept
with a bit more of conservative impact...

2) colors are fine... In particular, I suggest the red
you used for the comma up the "I", might be brilliant red.
(the one included in the example looks like bordeaux...)

3) the fonts are fine but feel free to change if it's the case,
accordingly the more conservative approach requested in point 1.

4) Finally, please try to add under the words
the following sentence:
same fonts and justified as the sentence above.
(It's just a test to see how it looks…)


1. Basic Concept #1

2. Changes:

- Logo: outer circle should be closed ie. contine the
line around to complete the circle;

- Logo: remove crossed flames inside the circle

- Logo: insert inside the circle
(A) interlinking circles or
(B) orbital rings like the planet Saturn or
(C) atomic molecule with an atoms orbiting in a circle
or two crossed circles with atoms orbiting
(D) Any other concepts you can think of which
incorporate circles or orbital rings as a theme

3. Colors are ok - no changes necessary

4. Logo #1 font face is ok - no changes necessary


1) We chose basic logo number 1.

2) The same blue like in our homepage should be in the logo. The logo looks a little bit pale right now.
We definitely like the slogan “3, 2, Won the contract!" and want it in the logo”

3) We like the orange and the idea to color the three syllables in different colors. We added the logo already into the homepage and realized that we would like to have our “homepage-blue” in the logo. With orange and probably black or another color from the homepage. Please experiment with colors and show us your ideas.

4) We like the font and the idea with the hammer over the “o”. Probably the “o” could be compressed a little bit. (Look of action!) Please experiment with “3, 2 Won the contract!” a little bit.

5) Nothing. We like your idea very much.


1) Which basic logo concept is chosen to be refined? The logo number 5.

2) What general changes do you think that should be done to the logo that you chose in Q1?
I’m just a little bit afraid it seems “common”, could you just add a personalized touch, keeping its futurist style? Only needs small change, I really love it.

3) Which colors should be kept or replaced in the logo concept that you chose in Q1?
Colors are fine.

4) Which font face should be kept or replaced in the logo that you chose in Q1.
The font face is perfect.

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