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We want to provide you with the most comprehensive information about the concepts related to logos and graphic design.

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Banner: the title of a periodical, which appears on the cover of the magazine and on the first page of the newsletter. It contains the name of the publication and serial information, date, volume, number .

Baseline: in typography, the imaginary horizontal line upon which the main body of the letters sits. Rounded letters actually dip slightly below the baseline to give optical balance.

Bevel: Adding a beveled effect to a graphic image gives the image a raised appearance by applying highlight colors and shadow colors to the inside and outside edges.

Bit-mapped (mode):
the Paint graphics mode describes an image made of pixels where the pixel is either on (black) or off (white).

Black (font): a font that has more weight than the bold version of a typeface.

Bleed: an element that extends to the edge of the page. To print a bleed, the publication is printed on oversized paper which is trimmed.

Block quote: a long quotation -- four or more lines -- within body text, that is set apart in order to clearly distinguish the author's words from the words that the author is quoting.

Body type: roman -- normal, plain, or book -- type used for long passages of text, such a stories in a newsletter, magazine, or chapters in a book. Generally sized from 9 point to 14 point.

Byline: in newsletter/magazine layout, a credit line for the author of an article.

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